Hi! For the ones of you that use Trello, I made a simple to use and host alternative in PHP. It’s not a complete alternative like other projects, and I mainly made it to be able to host it on free PHP web servers while having control over data/attachments. It also support a basic importer for Trello JSON exports.

I’m hosting a test instance here, you can make an account to try it out (no email required):


And the repository with other instructions is here:


  • @lascapi
    62 months ago

    I love you’re stack! PHP and vanilla JS 🤩 It’s so KISS!

    I like that I can install it on my o2switch server.

    • @douglasg14b@lemmy.world
      2 months ago

      It is, but also it’s worrisome since it means support is harder, which means risk of abandonment is higher and community contributions lower. Which means “buying in” is riskier for the time investment.

      Not really criticizing, 10/10 points on making something and then putting it out there, nothing wrong with that. Just being a user who’s seen too many projects become stale or abandoned, and have noticed that the trend has some correlation to the technology choices those projects made.