Hi, I wonder if there is a setting somewhere to setup the default sharpness for all the android photo app.

As you can see in my example the sharper picture is way too sharp and unnatural and it’s horrible with faces.

With FreeDCam I’m able to set that but this app is too complex to use it in the every day use.

I have a Fairphone3 with /e/os but I don’t think that’s matter.

Any suggestion?

( and it’s not related with the subjecHorrible Pictures Zenfone 8t: Horrible Pictures Zenfone 8 )

  • @catloaf@lemm.ee
    83 days ago

    No, each app can either control the camera sharpness or apply a post-process filter on its own.

    I imagine you could override this with a magisk module or by modding each app or something, but that seems excessive. If you have a camera app that works for you, use it.