Well, Microsoft is getting ready to annoy its faithful Windows 10 user base with yet another prompt. This time, Microsoft wants Windows 10 users to switch from using a local account to their online Microsoft account.

  • Something Burger 🍔
    3 months ago

    Windows users will add a new PowerShell command or registry hack to the pile of shit to do to clean up a fresh install, and keep complaining that Linux is too hard.

    • @TheGrandNagus@lemmy.world
      23 months ago

      Lol yeah I keep hearing about the commands and stuff people have to do at Win11 installation to stop it from forcing you to have an account or satisfy MS’s ridiculous TPM requirements. I hear about the commands people run to disable (most) telemetry, and the registry edits people use to prevent Windows from spawning ads, etc.

      And I’m like damn, why is windows so complicated? It should never be required that a user open a terminal/command prompt.