• @webghost0101@sopuli.xyz
    63 months ago

    Cool. I checked and found the following types, which one should i go to. /s

    • 90% personal blog/vlog with vague cooking tips sprinkled within

    • instruction video where you need a specific device or machine from sponsor brand

    • overly confident with a sidedish of just as clueless and stupid

    • overly confident with a sidedish of overreliance on uncommon tool/machine they assume everyone has

    • recipe which actually makes no sense taste wise but sounds cool on paper and generates clicks

    • legit recipe but ingredients and keywords changed into google buzzword ones (bacon gets more hits then Italian ham)

    • some actually good kitchen instructors that you need to know about in advance cause there burried below the mess.

    I really enjoyed cooking with dog actually, shame that after my workday i am no longer in a condition to operate anything that can burn