As the title states, I have used Nova launcher for years. As it is the most feature rich, most customizable launcher that supports basically everything I could need from it. However I am looking to switch away from it.

What launchers are you all using?

I have tried a handful of them and none quite fit the bill. And one feature nova has but no other launcher seems to is invaluable to me; that feature being able to swipe up or down on an app on the home screen to launch another app or task. It’s how I keep my main page from being cluttered.

I have tried Neo Launcher which I love, but it doesn’t seem to be updated anymore.

I have also tried:

So the only option I am feeling is gonna work is Nova but I am trying to ditch as many closed source, data thieving apps and services as possible.

I could however just use AFWall+ to block internet connection.

Any suggestions?

  • @lascapi
    33 months ago

    I like Kiss a lot too.

    Very different than Nova but simple and powerful.