Currently running a Ryzen 2600 and AMD 6700XT, older cpu with mid tier gpu. This is my round up of 2023 gaming

Installed Dead Space remake on gamepass, stutters everywhere, apparently not limited to older hardware. Played Resident Evil 4 Remake instead, fantastic reimagining of the original, super tight controls, darker tone, less annoying Ashley. Platinumed it on Steam.

Remnant 2 went on sale, got it, textures were weirdly smeared, FPS was low, Played Lies of P instead running on UE4 instead of UE5, caught off guard by how good the combat, story and music was.

Got Wo Long, felt like playing with glue, refunded, went for an older Team Ninja game** Final Fantasy Origin: Strangers of Paradise** not a fantastic game, but good for chilling with, pick up and play, run a few builds, crush chaos, felt the typical Team Ninja slow motion during busy fights.

Wanted to play Jedi Survivor or Starfield, heard about PC problems, played Like a Dragon: Man who Erased his Name instead, small side story, essentially the penultimate chapter of Kiryu’s story, nothing new was added, story was great.

Hogwarts Legacy, ran terrible, boring gameplay. Hi Fi Rush, ran great, fun rhythm based combat. Cocoon, mild performance issues, but otherwise excellent puzzle game with mind bending twists.

All in all, it seems that games built on older engines still looked comparable to new gen games, but ran better. I imagine that once developers get the hang of things, the performance may improve. Capcom is great at PC now and EA still sucks. Indie games greatly depended if studios knew how to scope their project and play to their strengths.

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