• @brsrklf
    67 months ago

    The sub average ubi game will be 10 bucks in a few years anyway. Just in case it was somewhat good by accident.

    The last ubi game I got at release was the first Mario vs Rabbids. It was great, and yet I still regretted getting it so soon. Because let me tell you what happened next : for 2 years, the cost of getting the season pass for that game was more than buying the full gold edition. They just didn’t offer any discount on DLC, just the gold edition.

    And for more bullshit, the season pass included stuff that could only be obtained through it (or in gold edition, of course). So until the full content was available, you had the choice of getting a season pass of content that didn’t exist yet and on which you had zero guarantee , or getting individual DLCs when they drop, and already know that some stuff will never be available to you.

    Of course I didn’t get the second game on release. I haven’t got it yet in fact. Guess what, exact same pattern regarding DLC pricing. Gold is already cheaper than individual DLCs. I’m sure it can go lower, I am not in a hurry.