Or at least less so than Reddit. It’s good, but, I can’t put my finger on it. Even when the content is good, the servers are up, and I’m getting notifications responding to comments, it’s never come to me doomscrolling for hours.

Edit: Guys, guys, I’m not trying to say Lemmy should be addictive or Reddit is better because it is. The opposite. I thought being addicted to something was always a bad thing? I was just curious as that I rarely ever see the content droughts people talk about, so I can scroll for as long as I want to with no interruptions, but unlike with Reddit, I don’t, and I would want to know a reason why. Is it psychological? Something behind the scenes? The type of people here?

  • alex [they, il]
    29 months ago

    Yeah, I’d like it too, but I suppose it’s a lot of work.